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Tile matching help required

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Hi ... I'm trying to source tile&halves to blend with my original 'Sykes & Sons of Poole' grey/green tiles. I need approx 300. The Sykes tike size is 267 x 254 (single tile is 165) and the nibbs are at top of tiles (13mm from top of tile to bottom of nib). Original build cica 1954.

A more recent garage building (1994) has what I think are a Marley grey/green which is acceptable (see green-topped tile in photo)

20230331 140944
20170623 100313
20230331 141417
20230331 135933
20230331 135852
20230330 133412
20230330 133259


Does anyone know of anything that would blend & fit please?

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Hi Heather - 


I can't tell you offhand what new tile would match that. But buying and selling reclaimed roof tile is a surprisingly popular business in Britain and you should be able to find a reasonably local roof tile reclamation yard.


If you do a Google search for "roof tile reclamation yard near me" you should see plenty of them.


If I were you I'd check out the websites of a few of those businesses and see which ones seem to have a good inventory tracking system and give them a call. They might have exactly what you need in stock.

If you can't find an exact match, someone at one of the reclamation yards should be able to suggest a reasonable substitute.

Hope this helps -

Jack Gray

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