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Rubber Roof Repair

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I have a leak (picture 1) that seems to be directly below the seam in the the roof (picture 2). I would like to hold off on a new roof until the fall and am hoping for a temporary fix until then. Would you recommend a rubber waterproof sealant to spread over the seam or a tape such as EternaBond RoofSeal Roof Seal repair tape. I appreciate your response. Thanks.


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Hi there!

Delaminating seams are a common source of leaks on old EPDM roofs, so there's a good chance that you're right about where the leak is coming from. (I would test the seam by using the butt end of a regular spoon as a probe to see how far the delamination goes.)

If you're sure the seam is the problem and not anything else, like puncture holes, it's pretty easy to make temporary seam repairs. I would use tape, not a liquid-applied sealant. Tape is much stronger and less likely to fail at a high-stress location like a seam.

EternaBond is an excellent choice, we use it for temporary repairs all the time. If you use the wide 6-inch tape, do a very good job cleaning the repair location, and apply the tape properly with a hand roller, you can probably get ten years out of your repair.

I've actually written an article on roof repair tape which you might find useful (here: Roof Repair Tape • Top 6 Roof Sealant Tapes)

 But simply to answer your question: I would definitely recommend a repair tape over a waterproofing sealant.

Hope this helps!

Jack Gray

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