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I've had IKO. Time for new, and one contractor tells me he doesn't do IKO, said they were bad in 1990's and he won't put them on.

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I'm a customer.  Our house was built in 1998, with IKO Cambridge.  They seem to have lasted ok, but a carpenter friend recently looked and said it was really just time to do the whole roof again.  So I've had a couple of roofers look at it, and I specified IKO Cambridge, and one of them said he doesn't do IKO.  He said there were big problems back in the 90's, and IKO did not treat the customers right.  So he says he won't do IKO, rather he does Owens-Corning.

So today I called the other roofer, who hadn't said anything about IKO, and asked him if he had a take on it, and he said he knew about the IKO problems (he's been roofing for 30 years) but they weren't about Cambridge.  He said Cambridge has never had problems, so when I said I wanted to redo the roof with what I had, there was no reason to say anything bad about them.

So I'm looking for any input that any of you have on that question.  And especially if you have direct experience with Cambridge shingles.


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Hi there, sorry about the delay getting back to you.


I don't know of any issues with IKO Cambridge shingles, or any current issues with IKO in general.

One thing to keep in mind as that almost all shingle manufacturers have preferred contractor programs, and roofers in those programs receive various benefits when they use that manufacturer's shingles. This often means that a roofer will try to talk you into using the shingles from a manufacturer with whom they have a relationship. (You can read more about it in my article Best Roof Shingles Guide • Top 7 Shingle Brands.)

It is true that there were a bunch of class action suits against several shingle manufacturers regarding the performance of their organic shingle lines around 15 to 20 years ago. Those have all been settled (and it's why nobody makes organic mat shingles any more, all shingles manufactured in North America today use fiberglass reinforcement mats).

So any issues from the 90's should have long been taken care of by now.

Hope this helps.

Jack Gray

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