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Drainage from house double canopy

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Please has anyone got a view on the following situation  A  tiled house canopy spanning two terraced properties has one downpipe. That is , only one person has a downpipe because the common guttering picking up the canopy roof slopes to one side horizontally

In the event that the wooden canopy rots and falls down due water leakage from the one downpipe adjacent to the canopy diagonal timber support . Is it in order for the house with the downpipe, requesting the other house to contribute to the replacement of the canopy...considering approximately 50% of the leakage causing the rot was from the house without the downpipe. Any ideas on how one would proceed. Would kit be in order to tell the other house that they should accommodate their own rainwater run off from a canopy. 

Note...Estimated cost of replacement canopy in excess of 12000 pounds

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Hi there - 


I'm not a lawyer, but it sounds to me like whoever is responsible for maintaining the downspout would be responsible for any damage caused by the downspout being in a state of disrepair.


But if repair costs are going to be that high, I'd think you would want to consult a real estate lawyer about the issue.


Sorry I can't be of more help.


Good luck,

Jack Gray

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