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Shingle Sourcing -Weatherwood Color Change?

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My house was built in 2003 with weatherwood shingles. In 2020 a roofer replaced some shingles that had blown off with weatherwood but they changed the blend to have more grey in the weatherwood color. I believe they are Pabco shingles. 


Does anyone know when this change happened and if it is common for suppliers to change the shingle color blend? For situations like this are there suppliers who store older shingles when the colors change?

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Hi there - 

I can't tell you when Pabco changed the color blend on that line of shingles. If anyone could, it would be the technical department at Pabco ( ).

I can tell you that it's fairly common for shingle manufacturers to alter the color blends of their products from time to time, and that you won't find any suppliers that keep stockpiles of old shingles around in case they are needed for repairs.

A big issue with trying to match the color of a 20-year-old existing roof by using new shingles from the same line of shingles that are on the roof is that the color of the shingles is due to the coated mineral granules on the surface of the shingles. The shingles lose granules over time, so the color ends up fading, not because the coating fades, but because when the granules drop off, the color becomes less dense, kind of like the way you can produce dark gray and light gray with the same pencil, depending on how densely you fill in an area on the paper.

I think your best bet would be to call the shingle manufacturer, explain the issue, and see if they can recommend a current product that is physically and visually compatible with the old product.

- Jack

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